The Top 5 Wedding Venues in Gilroy, California

March 27th, 2024

Hi there, it's me, your friendly neighborhood wedding enthusiast, bringing you insights into the top 5 wedding venues in Gilroy, California. This list excludes chain hotels, focusing on unique, standalone venues offering unforgettable experiences. I'll be detailing what makes each venue so special, the best time to tie the knot, and the type of wedding that best fits.


First up, we have the Hecker Pass Winery. Known for its rustic charm and beautiful vineyard views, it is an ideal spot for wine lovers and romantics alike. The best time for a wedding here is in the late summer when the grapevines are lush and full. Its spacious outdoor areas make it perfect for larger weddings, providing a serene backdrop for your vows.


Next is the idyllic Gilroy Gardens. It's a family theme park by day but can be transformed into a magical wedding venue come evening. Its stunning garden settings and beautiful lake offer a whimsical touch to nuptials. Spring is the best time for a wedding here when the flowers are in full bloom. This venue caters to large weddings but can also accommodate more intimate ceremonies.


The third venue is the Fortino Winery and Event Center. With its striking vineyard and hill views, it is a picturesque location for a romantic wedding. Autumn, with its balmy temperatures and colorful foliage, is the ideal time for a wedding. The venue's flexibility makes it suitable for both grand celebrations and small, intimate gatherings.


Eagle Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings is our fourth venue. This golf club offers an elegant setting, featuring a grand ballroom and stunning outdoor spaces. Early summer, when the greens are at their lushest, is the ideal time for a wedding here. It's perfect for large, extravagant weddings but can also accommodate smaller, more intimate ceremonies.


Lastly, we have the charming Old City Hall Restaurant. This historic venue offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern elegance. Winter weddings are particularly enchanting here, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Given its size, it's better suited for smaller weddings or elopements.


I hope you find this information helpful in your quest for the perfect wedding venue in Gilroy. Remember, every wedding is unique and what's important is that the venue reflects you as a couple. Happy planning!


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